"Displacement has become a method of depiction" - how have artists addressed the themes of travel, migration and exile.


Reflecting on the dissolution of national and artistic borders in the context of contemporary globalised culture, Nicolas Bourriaud argues in his essay ‘Altermodern’ (2009) that ‘displacement has become a method of depiction’. This essay is revisiting the theme of travel, migration and exile in the contemporary art practices. ...more

On Kabakov's 'Labyrinth (My Mother's Album)'


Labyrinth 1

There are many events around the world, and in particularly in London, dedicated to the hundred years of Russian Revolution. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s exhibition is one of the rare and always much waited for events in art society. If you are interested in Russian history and, in particular, how people lived in those turbulent years, the exhibition will uncover many tragic aspects of that period. ...more

Visiting Enlightenment Gallery in the British Museum


Enlightenment Gallery of the British Museum will instantly transfer you to the world 250 years ago, allowing you to breath the atmosphere of the museum when it’s first collection was open to the public. ...more

Changes in the role of a viewer throughout XIX-XX century by the example of works of Georges Seurat and Yayoi Kusama


4 - The-Obliteration-Room-by--001

Georges Seurat and Yayoi Kusama, a century in between two epoch-making figures, both use the dot as a means of there pictorial representation. How does the apprehension of dot as an artistic mark change over a hundred years and what happened with us as art viewers? ...more