Elena Peresvetova is a Russian born artist who compiles in her art the passion for the impressionistic painting and contemporary conceptual thinking. She firmly believes that an individual ceases to be an artist the moment they stop experimenting with form and style, with image and it's representation.

Elena supports the ideas of conservatism in art. With the advent of modern mass media, art finds itself becoming a more powerful tool, able to influence whole populations and societies like never before. It is important to remember that modern society has a tendency to simplify processes and production cycles, which in turn affects art and artists alike. More and more artists are abandoning the traditional rules of drawing and painting in favour of a purely emotional forms of art. Elena is searching for a way to balance these two trends in her work. Her art is strongly influenced by the Russian impressionist traditions of Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin, Nikolay Feshin which focuses and explores the emotions created by scenery (both still and landscape).

Elena has always been interested in studying painting and drawing skills and researching the philosophy of beauty and aesthetic, but only realised her dedication and true passion lay in art after a long and successful career in finance and banking. Prior to that decision, she spent more than ten years as an amateur painter, gaining practical artistic knowledge from professionals and attending a yearlong post-graduate course at the prestigious Moscow Surikov Academy of Art. She is pursuing her formal art education and is currently reading for an undergraduate degree in Fine Art and Art History at Kingston University in London.