2019, 22 Jan - 03 Feb - Solo Exhibition

The Fountain Gallery
26 Bridge Road, Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surrey, UK, KT8 9HA

From the 22nd of January to the 3rd of February 2019, the Fountain Gallery in East Molesey will host an exhibition of still life paintings by a Russian artist Elena Peresvetova, who currently lives and works in Esher, UK.

The overarching theme of Elena’s paintings is artistic conservatism: empowering contemporary art trends and ideas with traditional painting rules and approaches. This is most visible in the recent series focusing on the role of fabric and possible meanings and interpretations created by abstracting fabric away from the traditional composition of a still life.

Fabric plays an important but secondary role in traditional still life paintings. It is used as a vehicle that helps to bring individual components of a still life together. Always in the background, its role is to unite the different elements to create a single composition telling its own story.

New idea is to empower fabric and to let it to be a sole meaningful element in the painting.

For this series, Elena introduced an artistic method combining traditional oil painting, gestural development and macro photography application. To create a painting, she selects fabrics of different qualities and colours, mixing them together or playing with a single colour palette. She then throws the fabric on to a surface and examines the folds that the fabric produces though the act of free fall. Often the research moves on to the digital form and patterns and forms are found in working with the distance and magnification of the image.

The Fountain Gallery will house a selection of Elena’s still lives created between 2013 and 2018.

Exhibition opens 22 January to 3 February 2019 [closed Mondays]. 11.30 am – 5.30 pm

For further information please contact the artist: Instagram