Welcome to Elena Peresvetova's gallery

Elena’s contemporary and diverse art takes inspiration from the Russian Impressionist traditions and draws out the beauty in everyday objects and scenery.

Please click on the links below to uncover Elena’s art catalogue. If you are interested in purchasing some of the art pieces please follow the link under each painting that will direct you to the selling platform.

Still Lifes

Rich Harvest £2770
A Tea Party with Grandma £2600
A Good Catch £2600

Fabric Compositions

The Rose £600
The Game of Blue £600
The Tongue £240

Floral Art

The Rose £950
Rendezvous £750
Peonies Rampage £490


Back from the Stonehenge £490
Gatekeepers £275
Through the Meadow to Stonehenge •


Natasha •

Abstract Art

Melancholy v1 £100
Melancholy v2 £100
Melancholy v3 •